Iceland ProCruises Catalogue 2019

30 Ilulissat Boat Tour Through the Icefjord Ilulissat means “icebergs” in Greenlandic and the Ilulissat Icefjord certainly lives up to that name. Take an unforgettable cruise to the mouth of the fjord, where a sunken moraine strands many of the bergs. A World Heritage Site, the fjord flows into gorgeous Disko Bay. Narsarsuaq Helicopter Flight to Eqaluit Glacier An aerial perspective gives a true sense of Greenland’s unbelievable size. During this “Flightseeing-Tour” by helicopter you see details that you would miss from an airplane. Flying low and slow, Greenland’s spectac- ular natural features like glacial moulins and icebergs seem to be right below your feet. The helicopter flies at low altitude over the coastal mountains for about 15 minutes before landing in front of the glacier. Uummannaq Uummannaq Museum Uummannaq Museum tells fantastic stories from the region. Particularly interesting is the museum’s exhibition of the extensive polar explora- tion that took place and Alfred Wegener’s expedition on a propeller- driven sled on the Ice Sheet. GREENLAND EXCURSIONS Explore the spectacular nature and culture of Greenland Soft adventure is the emphasis of our shore excursions in Greenland, a combination of ground, water and air journeys that exude a rich understanding of the giant island, its unique peoples and incredible landscapes. Many of the excursions are naturally dependent on weather and ice conditions. Ilulissat Ice Fjord Flightseeing in Greenland Photo:HermannGudmundsson Photo:Michele Lamesch