Beach in the remoted westfjords

Remote Westfjords

Connected to the rest of Iceland by a narrow, rocky isthmus, the secluded Westfjords unfold as a series of dramatic peninsulas and inlets that fan out across the sea like a massive human hand. This is a wild and untouched area that’s considered unique and exciting even by Icelandic standards.



Humpback whale in Husavik

Whale-watching in Skjalfandi Bay

Observing a whale in the wild is an incomparable experience.  The sight of its massive body majestically rising from the water and then lifting its tail fin in farewell is an image that will stay with your forever. The ocean around Iceland is particularly welcoming to the world’s largest mammals and with 23 different types of whales passing through these waters.  Nowhere else on the planet is there a greater variety.



Vatnajökull glacier lagoon

Vatnajökull glacial lagoon

With icebergs constantly breaking off from the largest glacier in Europe straight into Vatnajökull lagoon, a trip there offers an up-close glimpse at one of the great spectacles of Icelandic nature.  A great way to experience the magic of the lagoon is sailing among the huge icebergs, marveling at the natural ice sculptures and the shifting colors of the ice.



Vestmannaeyjar (Westman islands)

Volcanic Westman Islands

A journey to any of the 15 Westman Islands offers an ideal chance for birdwatching and getting back to nature. The steep cliffs and lush vegetation are home to more than 30 avian species which nest in the cliffs and grassy ledges, as well as about 150 plant species and 80 types of insect. However, the islands are located in an active volcanic zone with the people of Heimaey (the only inhabited island) living with the constant threat of violent eruption. In many places you can still see houses half buried by lava and ash from the last major eruption in 1973, which destroyed half the town.