COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols for 2021

Great news for travellers from the UK and US: the Icelandic government has announced new regulations in March 2021, allowing travellers from the UK and US, who have been vaccinated and can provide official vaccination documents, to enter the country without testing or quarantine.

Certificates of vaccination with vaccines already approved by the European Medicines Agency will be accepted. For more details please visit

Iceland ProCruises is committed to providing our travellers, crew, and staff the utmost in health security and peace-of-mind as they explore Iceland and Greenland during the upcoming season 2021.

Our land-based operations team is working intensely to ensure maximum safety for its guests onboard the OCEAN DIAMOND. Many of our planned Coronavirus-related protocols are and will continue to be, supported by guidelines and recommendations from international health and cruise safety authorities. These include the World Health Organization (WHO); Centers for Disease Control (CDC); Cruise Lines International (CLIA); and, in conjunction with the ship’s technical management team at Cruise Management International (CMI), VIKAND, a leading expert in global maritime medical operations and healthcare.

We continue to monitor the best practices and innovations currently being developed for testing, screening, health checks, shipboard sanitation, as well as social distancing and other effective means of infection prevention, and to incorporate these relevant guidelines and procedures into the health and safety protocols for the OCEAN DIAMOND

Rest assured that as health organizations and the cruise industry continue to develop best practices and procedures, Iceland ProCruises will incorporate these into its standard protocols. All passengers will be updated about the Health and Safety protocols before their journey starts.

Our health and safety protocols are based on the above-mentioned guidelines and recommendations and as well as our own methodologies for ensuring the highest standard of prevention and care:

Your Ship

The OCEAN DIAMOND is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to each voyage. We are using Peroxide and Hypochlorite based medical-grade products and advanced technologies. Our air conditioning and heating systems do not recirculate air and are regularly inspected and sanitized.

Your Crew and Staff
The ship’s crew and staff are tested negative for Covid-19, their health is monitored, and body temperature regularly screened. Personnel protection and distancing protocols are followed. The crew is well trained on our enhanced procedures.

Your Embarkation
All passengers are requested to follow strict guidelines before boarding, including a recent negative PCR test, self-monitoring, and reasonable social distancing before and during travel as. Onboard medical staff will conduct a stringent screening of passengers prior to embarkation. Embarkation may be denied to any passenger who exhibits symptoms associated with Covid-19 or tests positive. Passenger luggage is disinfected if necessary, upon embarkation. 

Your Voyage
Social distancing will be strictly enforced. Activities onboard and ashore are tailored to provide reasonable separation between passengers.

Passengers are obliged to wear a face mask at all times outside their cabin, except during food and beverage service.  
A significantly increased number of hand sanitizing stations will be provided, and hand hygiene is practiced throughout the voyage.

An advanced food safety program is in place and there will no longer be any self-service buffets offered onboard. The total number of passengers will be reduced to ensure more space in public areas and at the restaurants onboard.
The cleaning and sanitation of the entire ship will be conducted to the highest industry standards. It will follow the most stringent protocols and employ leading technologies.

Crew and passenger body temperatures will be monitored using infrared devices.

Your Onboard Medical Care
A team of well-trained medical staff is available onboard. They are equipped to efficiently identify any signs or symptoms of Covid-19, and any affected passenger will be isolated in selected isolation cabins.  Our medical team is in constant contact with our medical experts ashore, as well as local authorities. Contingency and response plans are in place, and ready to be deployed should the need arise to take further preventative action.

Last updated: 17th March 2021 / Subject to change

Learn more about the life onboard OCEAN DIAMOND


Bringing alcohol aboard is generally not allowed. The only exception is a small “corkage fee” charged to passengers who want to enjoy a special bottle of wine with a meal. A large variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served on board in the restaurant and bar.

Cabin Features

All cabins are equipped with shower/toilet, television, closet, refrigerator, hairdryer and access to satellite phone. Cabins are cleaned daily and there is turn-down service. In case of illness, food and drinks can be served in the cabin during dining hours.

Changes to Cruise Itinerary & Shore Excursions

Due to local weather, sea and ice conditions, all of our cruise itineraries and shore excursions are subject to change. The implementation of our shore excursions also depends on reaching the minimum/maximum number of participants for each activity. Iceland ProCruises reserves the right to change the itinerary and trip content without prior notice.


Children must be 8 years or older (10 years or older on Greenland trips). that combine Greenland and Iceland). Discounts of 25% on cruises and shore excursions are offered to children up to age 12 staying in their parents’ cabin. Please note that we do not offer child-care services or children’s play areas on board. Riding our Zodiacs requires a certain level of body control. Due to safety reasons, the captain reserves the right to refuse a landing with children.

Cruise card

At embarkation you will receive a personal Cruise Card which you should always have with you. This card is used on board as a combination payment instrument (except in the onboard shop) and identity card. Shore excursions, alcoholic beverages, spa services etc. will be paid with your cruise card. At the end of the voyage you can settle your account by credit card (we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express) or you can pay with cash (US$).

Dress Code

The dress code on board is casual. Leave your ties, jackets and evening dresses at home. For days at sea and ashore we recommend comfortable, breathable, waterproof and windproof clothing, plus gloves, thermal underwear and sturdy footwear. For the captain’s and farewell cocktail parties we recommend smart casual dress style.


Tipping is a way of showing your appreciation for a service received on board from the hotel staff or Expedition Team. The amount of the gratuity is totally at your discretion. During the voyage we hand out a flyer about the handling of tips. For your convenience, we can charge the suggested gratuity to your onboard account. If you would like to cancel or make adjustments to the gratuity posted on your account, you can do so by visiting the reception desk. Gratuities are divided amongst the hotel crew and Expedition Team.

Health/Medical Emergency

Although we do not have an official requirement regarding personal fitness, you should be able to move on board and ashore without the help of others. At all times there is an English-speaking doctor on board. The ship is equipped with a small clinic and medications to treat certain emergencies.


Repatriation costs in case of illness can be extremely high. Therefore, we strongly recommend purchasing travel/health insurance prior to your voyage, specifically policies that cover repatriation costs to your home country. This insurance is mandatory for our trips to Greenland. Information on allinclusive insurance packages — including travel cancellation, curtailment, baggage and medical — can be found on the websites of various providers.


Iceland ProCruises offers free WiFi in the public areas of Club Lounge, Observation Lounge and Library during Iceland Cruises. There is no free Wifi in those areas during Greenland Cruises. For an extra charge we offer internet access in your cabin. Mobile-phone reception should be possible in most regions along our route. For further details please contact your mobile phone operator. A telephone deposit for external phone calls as well as an internet deposit for your laptop or tablet can be purchased at the reception. Please ensure that your ‘Data Roaming’ feature is switched off.

Language Onboard

English is the official language on board. Therefore all members of our expedition team and the reception staff speak English (as well as German). Onboard announcements are made in English and German. The daily program as well as the dining room menu are also bilingual (English and German). If you require translation, our multi-lingual expedition team is always at your disposal.


Professional laundry service is available for an additional charge.


Each passenger is responsible for ensuring that he/she meets the applicable passport and visa requirements for the duration of the trip. The passport is the only valid proof of identity for all trips with the Ocean Diamond . An ID card is not sufficient. The passport must be valid for at least 3 months after your trip ends. Please note that each participant is responsible for obtaining all neccessary documents. Costs incurred due to insufficient travel documents must be paid by the passenger.

Physical disabilities/Wheelchair accessibility

Guests with physical disabilities are recommended to travel with an accompanying person. The particular processes on board should be handled without external help. The gangway can be – depending on the individual disability – a challenge. The angle of inclination of the gangway varies due to tide and different circumstances in the respective port. Please note that the guest’s participation in shore excursions as well as the (dis-)embarkation by zodiac can be denied by the master or Cruise Leader due to security reasons. The instructions of the master must be followed. The ship is not suitable for wheelchairs. A medical certificate must be submitted on request by Iceland ProCruises.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in your cruise price. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style; dinner is a la carte. Coffee, tea and water are free during the entire voyage; other drinks can be purchased in the restaurant or bar. If you’re not on board at lunch time, we prepare a lunch box for you to take ashore. In the afternoon we offer tea and coffee in the lounge on Deck 4, which is also the venue for our late-night snack


The ship complies with all safety requirements and is certified for travel in Arctic waters. Before departure, all passengers receive instructions in onboard safety prodecures and operations including the location of lifejackets in your cabin. Familiarize yourself with the ship’s evacuation plan. Special safety procedures apply to trips in the Zodiacs.


For safety reasons and to protect the health of our guests and employees, smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas on the outside deck. Don’t throw your cigarette butts overboard; use an ashtray. Smoking is strictly prohibited in cabins, on balconies and all other locations inside the ship.

Special Requests

Please inform us about any special dietary needs (e.g. vegetarian or gluten free, diabetic food) at least two weeks before departure. In order to ensure efficient service, please re-confirm your requirements with the crew after boarding the ship.


Ask your local health authorities about recommended vaccinations.


All cabins are equipped with 220 volt outlets.


All water from onboard taps and water stations aboard areis chlorinated. The water in the water stations is also extra filtered. Sometimes the water from the water tapsbs or in bathrooms may have a brownish color. This is quite common on ships and is due to oxygen in the water touching the iron piping. If you let the water flow for few seconds, it the water will be clear. The tap water onboard is not safe to drink, but you can use it for brushing your teeth. There are three different water stations around the ship where you can refill your water bottles: . One is in tThe Club Lounge on dDeck 4, one in the Main Lounge on dDeck 5 and one in the Observation Lounge on Deck 7.

Zodiac landings

Many of One of our features are landings and excursions are carried out with our motorized “Zodiac” brand rubber boats. These boats hasfeature both a low draught and a biggreat stability. Zodiac Life vests are mandatory when riding in the wear. Zodiac-lLandings generally depend on local circumstances. In each case, the master makes the final decision if the landing is possiblerealizable or not. Particular safety regulations apply on landings. All guests receive a mandatory instruction ofin the security guidelines.

Please note, Zoadiac excursions are weather dependent.