Iceland ProCruises: Environmental consciousness on board and beyond

Get to know what we do, to make your cruise on the OCEAN DIAMOND more sustainable:

Iceland, Seyðisfjörður

Respecting wildlife and nature

We deeply care about animals, birds, and nature, therefore we try to protect and respect them as best as we can, and only observe them from a distance. By doing so, we ensure to not disturb their natural habitat or influence their behaviour.

Waste management and reduction of plastic

For us it is a matter of course, to sort and recycle waste, therefore we limit the use of plastic and disposable items (straws, stirrers, etc.) wherever possible or avoid them completely. Whenever we can, we use environmentally friendly alternatives made of paper or other biodegradable raw materials. In addition, our guests receive high-quality water bottles that they can refill with water during their journey.

Puffin © Hermann Gudmundsson

Local food suppliers

In order to support Iceland's economy and reduce transport emissions to a minimum, we buy approximately 80% of the food we process on board from regional traders in Iceland.

Sustainable seafood

We only process fish for our meals that are officially MSC-certified (MSC: Marine Stewardship Council). The MSC is an international non-profit organisation whose mission it is to protect and preserve fish stocks worldwide and to end overfishing.

Reducing food waste

In order to prevent the waste of food, we offer our guests the opportunity to put together their own packed lunches. In our experience, this is a simple way to reduce unnecessary food waste.